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Chou Dynasty

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From This Period

Bell (ceramic)
Bell (ceramic)

Ceremonial Bell (bronze)
Ceremonial Bell (bronze)

Ting (Ritual Food Vessel)
Ting (Ritual Food Vessel)

Ya Chang Scepter
Ya Chang Scepter

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Chou (Pinyin: Zhou)

1027 - 256 B.C.

Pronunciation: "joe"

Chinese culture changed radically during this 770-year period, as power extended across family lines to create aristocratic cities and principalities; eventually, these separate states battled for dominance. Bronzes lost their religious associations and became instead ornate symbols of personal status. Because clay was cheaper, ceramic copies of bronze ritual items were placed in burials. Jade work flourished. Two enduring schools of thought-Confucianism and Taoism-evolved, and the Chinese literary tradition began.

Video: Ch'ou Dynasty
Curator of Asian art Robert Jacobsen takes us through China's illustrious past by focusing on each of its historical dynasties.

Chou Dynasty Map