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Ch'in Dynasty

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Cocoon-shaped Jar
Cocoon-shaped Jar

Ch'in (Pinyin: Qin)

221 - 206 B.C.

Pronunciation: "chin"

During this very brief dynasty, a dynamic leader named Shih-huang unified the "warring states" of the preceding era and declared himself China's first emperor. Buried with him in his tomb were more than 6,000 terra-cotta soldiers and horses; obviously, this dynasty supported a sophisticated ceramic industry. The first sections of the Great Wall were built and so was an extensive highway system.

Great Wall Terra-Cotta Soldiers
The Great Wall Terra-Cotta Soldiers

Video: Ch'in Dynasty
Curator of Asian art Robert Jacobsen takes us through China's illustrious past by focusing on each of its historical dynasties.

Ch'in Dynasty Map