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2012-2016 Strategic Plan
“The goal of the 2012–2016 plan is to animate the MIA with a dynamic 21st-century program and operational model that will ensure the institution’s long-term success. The plan will maximize new opportunities to engage people powerfully in the art and history of world cultures past and present.”
 - Kaywin Feldman, MIA Director and President

2011-2012 Annual Report

The digital edition of Minneapolis Institute of Arts 2011-2012 Annual Report to Our Members and the Community is available online. This interactive format allows you to easily read, search, and click on links for videos, resources, and more.

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IMLS What Clicks? Report
What Clicks? Project Overview

In 2004, the Minneapolis Institute of Arts completed a major research and development project—called What Clicks?—assessing its audiences' relationship with the MIA’s interactive media and Web resources.

The Minneapolis Institute of Arts, an encyclopedic art museum, produces and maintains two Web sites (artsmia.org and artsconnected.org—the latter in conjunction with Walker Art Center). It also provides its physical visitors with a host of interactive media resources in the museum itself—from an interactive museum directory to a large number of permanent collection-based programs located throughout the building. The research was designed to a) measure audience awareness, use, and satisfaction regarding these resources; b) respond to those findings with improvements; then c) re-measure to gauge the effect of the improvements. A further goal of this project is to share its logic model, methodology, instruments, and findings with the museum community.

Major What Clicks? Reports

REPORT: Executive Summary Download pdf
Overall project summary. (4 pages)

REPORT: Overview and Goals Download pdf
Includes Project Profile, Museum Profile, Process Outline, etc. (5 pages)

REPORT: Major Findings Download pdf
Overview of findings in four areas of study: Interactive Directory, Interactive Learning Stations, Web Site, and Marketing effort. (8 pages)

REPORT: Interactive Museum Directory Download pdf
Detailed findings regarding the interactive Museum Directory—an in-museum resource for visitors. (9 pages)

REPORT: Interactive Learning Stations Download pdf
Detailed findings regarding collection-based in-museum programs. (12 pages)

REPORT: Web Site (www.artsmia.org) Download pdf
Detailed findings regarding The Institute's main Web site. (11 pages)

REPORT: Marketing for Technology in the Museum and on the Web Download pdf
Detailed findings regarding the What Clicks? marketing project. (6 pages)

REPORT: Key Lessons Download pdf
General findings and their implications for the museum field. (7 pages)

REPORT: Evaluation  Download pdf
Outcome Based Evaluation prepared specifically for IMLS. Includes Findings, Unintended Impacts, Contributing Factors, and Challenges.  (11 pages)

Other What Clicks? Reports

REPORT: LCD Focus Group Report Download pdf
A focus group study of visitor reaction to small-scale interpretive video displays in the galleries. (27 pages)

REPORT: Directory Usability Study Download pdf
A usability study for gauging the success of a Museum Directory prototype. (3 pages)

REPORT: Technology Baseline Report, 2002 Download pdf
Baseline findings that supported subsequent redesign and marketing decisions. (87 pages)

REPORT: Web Site Usability Download pdf
Report on Web Usability sessions -- 2003 and 2004. (6 pages)

REPORT: Web Terminology Report  Download pdf
Report on a survey designed to measure the effectiveness of Web terms (e.g. category names, like "The Collection") currently in use on the site and to solicit better terms. (3 pages)

REPORT: Web Statistics Download pdf
Observations on statistical trends in Web visitation -- 2000 to 2004. (7 pages)

REPORT: Home Page Use Download pdf
Report on the relationship between visitors who enter the site via the Home Page versus those who enter through other pages on the site. (3 pages)

REPORT: Museum Visitor Survey (2001) Download pdf
A pre-What Clicks? visitor survey report that includes media/technology questions. (38 pages)

REPORT: Online Teacher Newsletter Focus Group Download pdf
Notes from a focus group measuring teacher reactions to an online newsletter. (10 pages)