Restoration and Rediscovery

Conservation at the Museum

The Minneapolis Institute of Arts allocates funding for the care, restoration, and conservation of the works of art in its collections. This annual commitment ensures that precious objects are preserved for future generations to enjoy and study.

The estimated cost of repairing and restoring Andrea Bergondi's Hermit Saint, however, was beyond the museum's budget. Fortunately, a group of dedicated museum volunteers, the Friends of the Institute, came to the rescue and provided the money necessary for the sculpture's restoration.

Founded in 1922, the Friends organization is now celebrating its 90th anniversary. Comprising nearly 1,000 hardworking members, the Friends of the Institute is one of the nation's largest and most active art-museum volunteer organizations. Over the course of its long history, the group has contributed more than $6 million to support the MIA's mission.

The museum gratefully acknowledges the Friends' important role in returning the Hermit Saint to its original orientation and glory.

Friends of the Institute

Saint Paul the Hermit, before restoration

The statue of Saint Paul the Hermit before restoration, as it was mounted in or shortly before 1965.