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Guide to Early Chinese Ceramics

Lung-ch'uan Celadon

The celadon of Lung-ch'uan is famous as perhaps the most refined greenware of Sung. Manufactured at several sites in southwestern Chekiang province in south China, it evolved as a beautiful blue-green tactile glaze on a fine, durable porcelain body. Lung-ch'uan vessels produced during Northern Sung (960-1127) were typically decorated with a carved or combed decoration under a green glaze. This inheritance was carried to a superb realization during the Southern Sung (1127-1279) however when the court moved to Hangchou. With court patronage, Lung-ch'uan potters rapidly refined their vessel shapes and lime-alkali glazes. The finest of these celadons had simple, elegant, well-proportioned shapes covered in a wide range of thick lustrous blue-green glazes that resembled polished jade. Several of these shapes were based on ancient bronzes that were patronized by the scholar class as well as the court. Southern Sung Lung-ch'uang glazes were highly revered and imitated by the Ch'ing court during the 18th century.


Shallow Bowl with Double Fish Motif
Shallow Bowl

Small Conical Bowl
Small Conical Bowl

Seal Paste Box
Seal Paste Box

Cylindrical Tripod Censer
Tripod Censer