Larsen: a living archive - Batiks - ChairFrom 1964 to 1982, Larsen created a unique and distinctive series of fabrics using a wax-resist batik process.

The process involved applying a design on cloth with a specially formulated mixture of paraffin and beeswax that would act as a resist when the fabric was put into a dye bath. Color variations were achieved by controlling the wax density and by over-dyeing. For a two-color pattern the wax was applied and cracked, the fabric was dyed, the wax was totally removed, and the fabric dyed a second color.

Win Anderson, head of the design studio, developed a mechanized process of applying the wax that assured a consistent repeat of the design. The studio purchased a piece of equipment originally used to create sarongs for Dorothy Lamour's Hollywood movie roles and modified it to accommodate their needs.

In order to maintain the secrecy of the process all production work was done in a secure area and only a few individuals were ever allowed to enter the production facilities.

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