Produced by:

The Minneapolis Institute of Arts

Interactive Media Group
Mike Dust
Pat Edwards
Molly Hillstrom
Willy Lee
Jim Ockuly
Scott Sayre
Tammy Sopinski-Perlman
Mitch Vars

with Inthereal

Textile Department
Patty Martinson
Lotus Stack
Maureen Hark
Christine Pradel Lien
Rosemary Good
Ann Sisel
Lynn Sabin
Amy Miller – intern
Keith Pille
Lara Roy
Lisa Ranallo

Larsen Catalogue team
Virginia Hjelmstad, coordinator
Barbara Tiede
Jeanne Patterson
Jeannette Firth
Frances Reid
Lea Babcock Scherer
Lisa Briones
Carla Adams
Sandra Marble
Christina Grau
Linda Goldenberg

Alec Soth
Gary Mortensen
Donna Kelly


Northwest Archive, University of Minnesota
Alan Lathrop, Curator of Collections
Angie Emeott


The Goldstein Museum of Design, University of Minnesota
Lindsay Shen, Director


General Thanks
Edward Stack
Roxy Ballard


Jack Larsen
Crystal Cooper
Miry Park
Krista Stack Pawar
Win Anderson
Bob Carr
Mark Pollack
Paul Gedeohn

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