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Three Kingdoms

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Bowl on pierced foot
Bowl on Pierced Foot

 Jar with Stand
Jar with Stand

Storage Jar
Storage Jar

Three Kingdoms

57 B.C.-668 A.D.

From the first century B.C. until the 7th century, Korea was divided into three states. The kingdom of Koguryo, in the north, defeated the Chinese commandery at Lolang in 313, but because of its geographical closeness to Chin a continued to be heavily influenced by Chinese culture. The kingdom of Paekche, in the southwest, also maintained ties with China and, like Koguryo, adopted Buddhism in the 4th century. Buddhist sculptures produced during this time, reflected styles prevalent in China's Northern Wei dynasty. The kingdom of Silla, in the southeast, was slower to absorb Chinese culture and did not embrace Buddhism until the sixth century. In addition to these three centers of political power, several communities in the south central area of the Naktong River basin formed a federation of principalities known as the Kaya states.