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Celestial Horse

Celestial Horse
Eastern Han dynasty
Gift of Ruth and Bruce Dayton


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Comments from other visitors:

This is a beautiful web site for research.

I'm very drawn to the Asian culture. I love the art, the clothes and the history most of all. This was the perfect website for me to look at, I know a lot more now then what I did. I needed pictures for an assignment and this web site was perfect for it.

This web site is very informational and it teaches students a lot about the balance of art. Also it tells how art originated from different countries.

Exquisite site—beautifully executed, easy and accessible—thank you for the time and effort that went into making the Museum's collection available to everyone.

Recently I wrote my term paper on the East Asian and American art. I found this a very nice website . It is an expansive collection. Thanks.

I am a student, and it is hard to find a picture, and infomation about that picture on the same site. This site also has much infomation that I needed. I just wanted to say thank you for the information.

I know of no other site which allows one to see such detail of the artworks. Thank you very much for the very evident effort you have put in to this wonderful display!

This is an excellent site and it was fun to sit and go from one section to another, one era to another and one culture to yet another. The maps included in each era were good and the videos a good summary of what I read. The picturing of objects of each era on the left of the pages gives a wonderful recap. Keep up the good work. Thanks again.

This is a very exciting site! Keep up the good work!

I very much enjoyed my visit to The Art of Asia. It was especially interesting to see the Mandala in detail and the video of how it was made and preserved. How proud of this piece your institution must be. Will there be any future visits of Tibetan monks to your halls anytime soon? Please continue to contribute such amazing and passionate work into the preservation of the cultures represented in your collections. Thank you for the opportunity to view The Art of Asia through the internet. It was a truely unique experience.

Interesting and informative. I am in Zhetiang province and inundated with interesting ceramics which I cannot identify. This site has been a great help.

Great website! I'd like to see the Korea section of the museum/website expanded and featured as one of the family days w/ the Chang Mi Korean dance/drum group performing. There are many of us Korean Americans in MN and there is also a huge population of Korean-born children who were adopted into MN families. Seeing our ethnic culture included in mainstream MN institutions is extremely meaningful for us and exposes others to a world beyond the usual Euro-focused days of the past. Thank you and continue the great work!!

This is an awesome site, thank you!! I love China, its traditions, its people. I have never been to Asia, but it's in my list to do. It would be a dream come true, but for now I will visit your site and live vicariously through it. Thank you.

The Bodhisattva Kuan-Yin is beautiful.

What a fantastic resource for anyone interested in exploring the rich cultural treasures of Asia. The site is informative, attractive and very easy to navigate. Once again the Minneapolis Institute of Arts has set a new standard for sharing collections on the web.