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Cassone (Storage Chest)

Key Ideas:

Cassone (Storage Chest)
Cassone (Storage Chest)
About 1600
Gift of F. W. Clifford Family

Key Ideas
Discussion Questions
  • In Greek mythology Phaeton (FAY-a-tun) was the son of the sun god, Helios (HEEL-ee ohs). His failed attempt to drive his father's chariot across the sky is a warning of caution to impatient young people.

  • Italian RENAISSANCE scholars were fascinated with the CLASSICAL past of the ancient Greeks and Romans. They gave Christian meanings to classical myths, including the story of Phaeton.

  • The Italian Renaissance STYLE is evident in the classical MOTIFS (moe-TEEFS) and the REALISM of the carved panels on this storage chest, called a cassone (cahss-OH-nay).
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