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Memorial Tusk

Key Ideas:

Memorial Tusk
Memorial Tusk
Memorial Tusk
Late 18th-early 19th century
(Kingdom of Benin)
Miscellaneous Works of Art Fund

Key Ideas
Discussion Questions
  • Benin (BEN-een) kingdom was ruled by kings called obas (OH-ba) who were aided by town chiefs called iyases (EE-yah-she) and by palace chiefs called ezomos (EE-zoe-mo).

  • A popular Benin story honoring Ezomo Ehenua (ee-HEE-noo-a) celebrates his defeat of the evil Iyase n'Ode (EE-yah-she-n-oh-day).

  • SYMBOLIC images carved on elephant tusks reinforce the power of important people and remind viewers of Benin's history.

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