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Mummy Case Of Lady Teshat

Key Ideas:

Mummy Case Of Lady Teshat
Mummy Case Of Lady Teshat
1085-710 B.C. (21st-24th Dynasty)
Painted and varnished linen
The William Hood Dunwoody Fund

Key Ideas
Discussion Questions
  • The myth of a god that dies every year at the time of harvest, and is miraculously restored to life when the grain sprouts, is common to the mythologies of all agricultural cultures in the Mediterranean basin.

  • The myths associated with Osiris (oh-SIGH-rus), the Egyptian god of the Underworld, reflect the agricultural cycle of death and rebirth and explain the origins of mummification in Egyptian burial ritual.

  • The ancient Egyptians believed that if certain gods were worshiped and proper procedures followed, the souls of the dead would live on in the Underworld.

  • The pictures that decorated mummy cases and coffins were highly symbolic and standardized.
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