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The Zuni learned silversmithing from their Diné (Navajo) neighbors.

The Zuni gave greater emphasis to turquoise in their designs.

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Zuni Bracelet
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Complex Design
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Zuni Bracelet Label: Zuni, Southwest region (United States), Bracelet, about 1950, Silver, turquoise, Bequest of Virginia Doneghy, 90.58.55

The Zuni were Pueblo people who traded with the Diné (Navajo) and learned from them the art of making silver jewelry. The Zuni and the Diné (Navajo) developed their skills in very different ways. Both peoples use turquoise, but the Zuni use it in repetitive patterns that may cover the entire piece of jewelry. In this bracelet, silver serves only as the setting for the stones.

For the Zuni, turquoise contains the two colors that symbolize the essential elements of life - blue of water and green of plant growth.

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