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Maria Martinez' pottery derives from forms of pottery made by the ancestors of Southwestern native people.

Like other traditional potters of the Southwest, Maria Martinez used the hand-coiling method and fired her pots outdoors.

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Martinez Pot
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How was it made?
Surface Designs
Surface Designs
Martinez Pot Label: Maria Martinez, San Ildefonso Pueblo 1886-1980, Southwest region (United States), New Mexico, Bowl, early 20th century, Ceramic, Gift of Barbara L. Strom  86.94.1
Photo of Maria Martinez
Maria Martinez Making Pottery. Copyright © 1995-2001, The Denver Public Library, Western History Collection.

Maria Martinez is one of the most famous artists of the Southwest. She and her husband, Julian, revived an ancient pottery tradition at San Ildefonso Pueblo in the early years of the 20th century. They were inspired by pottery found in the excavation of an ancient site. Upon seeing the ancient designs, Maria began to make pots and Julian painted them.

Out of the silences of meditation come purity and power which eventually become apparent in our art: the many spirits which enter about us, in us, are transformed within us, moving from an endless past not gone, not dead, but with a threshold that is the present. From this time sense, for this experience deep within, our forms are created.

-Maria Martinez
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