These books were used extensively in researching and assembling the Norwest (now Minneapolis Institute of Arts) Modernism collection. The list serves as a current sampling of publications available on Modernism – specifically modernist design – intended primarily for the interested reader and collector. Those pursuing further academic research are encouraged to refer to those titles having comprehensive bibliographies, other foreign publications as well as pertinent periodicals and journals such as The Journal of Decorative and Propaganda Arts.

The material is organized with an overview and the six styles represented in the collection. Each section is further divided; general overviews are followed by monographs on individual designers/design firms. List All creates one long, scrolling page for easy printing. All books are in English unless noted otherwise.

A hand reflects books that provide a good overview for the general reader and are complemented with comprehensive illustrations.

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An asterisk denotes publications prepared in conjunction with a gallery or museum exhibition.


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