Stetind in Fog, 1864
Peder Balke
Norwegian, 1804-1887
Oil on canvas, 71 x 58 cm
The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design - The National Gallery, Oslo. NG.M.03335

This picture is a good example of Balke's fully developed, late style. It is characteristic in terms of subject-matter, perception of nature and technique. The subdued, almost monochrome palette he uses is also typical. Imposing and daunting, the mountain Stetind at Tysfjord had made a profound impression on Balke during his journey to the far north of Norway in 1832, and he often reverted to this motif when he wished to emphasise how tremendously superior to man the forces of nature are. Stetind in Fog is one of the few dated paintings of Balke's late period, and thus provides a starting point for a reasonably reliable chronology for the rest of his late works.


This exhibition has been organized by the Nordic National Galleries