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Henri Matisse

Look through Matisse’s Eyes: With a poster-size image or a still life as your model, re-create what you see, using only construction paper, scissors, and glue. Try to simplify the forms into blocks of color. Now you are looking at the world like Matisse!  

Illustrate a Story: Matisse illustrated other writers’ works as well as his own. On a piece of unlined paper, write a short story and then pass it to the person sitting next to you. Now read the story given to you. How does it make you feel? What else does it make you think of? Guided by your own thoughts and feelings, illustrate the page. Then show the author what his or her work inspired you to create.  

Create Cutouts: Following Matisse’s technique, use paint to color a sheet of white paper. Then cut out abstract shapes, arrange them on another sheet of paper, and glue them down. Matisse’s cutouts are considered artwork, so you should sign your masterpiece.  

Practice Drawing: With a partner, take turns being model and artist. Practice the contour-drawing technique Matisse used in Woman with Folded Hands. Don’t have a partner? Try this the technique with a still life.  

November 2006