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Making Peace

War & Peace: Explore 15 images related to war and peace in the MIA's new online resource, MIA Inside/Out:
The Battle of Everyouth
. These materials are not a traditional curriculum, but rather a springboard for teachers to design their own units around these big questions: Violence & Me, The Collateral Damage of Violent
Conflict, Non-Violence—Is It Humanly Possible?, Artists on the Subject of Violence & War, and Faith, Loyalty, Pride, Morality, Security & Violence.  

Peace & War: Continue your exploration of peace by searching ArtsConnectEd for additional images of peace in the collection of the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. Create your own set of images using Art Finder and Art Collector.
Get started by watching the short video tours on the ArtsConnectEd homepage!  

Peace Flags: In words or pictures, create positive wishes for yourself, your family, classroom, friends, community, or the world. Make a wish for an individual, or celebrate a concept you would like to see throughout the world (e.g., peace, equality, compassion). Inspired by Tibetan Prayer Flags, the Peace Flag Project Web site shares instructions on the creation of peace flags.  

Peace Poems: Write a poem to describe the most peaceful place you have been, your favorite peacemaker, or your solution for achieving peace in your own community—or the world! Choose descriptive words that will help readers imagine what your place, person, or solution look like.  

Peace Exchange: Share your dreams of peace with others. Create 6 x 8 artworks and share them with children from Ghana, Colombia, and Nepal. Visit The Peace Exchange to learn how!  

Peace Is?: Author Todd Parr writes and illustrates The Peace Book. Click here for a YouTube reading! This is a great project starter for drawings, paintings, and writing on peace.  

Language of Peace: Research the word for peace in multiple languages. Then make cards, posters, and flags to share your findings. Shalom.  

Make a Giant Peace Puppet: Minneapolis-based Puppet Farm Arts and the Jane Goodall Institute provide instructions on how to create a giant peace-dove puppet. This large-group project offers ways for you to share your stories and hear others' ideas.  

November 2011