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A Sense of Place

Setting the Scene: How can writing capture what the artist provides visually? Have the students use one of the Sense of Place images to set the scene for a short story. What will the reader see, hear, smell, and feel?  

Travel Brochure: By doing research in the library or online, students can build on what they've learned about the places in the Sense of Place works of art. Have them create a travel brochure, using facts gathered from their research as a basis for descriptions. What should travelers know about this place? Who will they meet? What will they do?  

Poetic Inspiration: Like the Chine emperor Ch'ien Lung, your students may find inspiration in a poem. Have them choose a poem describing a place and turn it into a work of art. Suggest that they try to include the words of the poem.  

Visit the Museum: Come and see these places in the real works of art! End your study of A Sense of Place with a visit to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.