Jaron Childs and Jonathan Bruce Williams
January 17, 2014 through March 30, 2014
MAEP Galleries


Childs will present a new series of hyper-realistic and finely detailed paintings, based on his own photographs, that are a rejoinder to contemporary attitudes about beauty in painting. He has done this by carefully choosing images that both test the limits of acceptable sentimentality for critical art and offer visual pleasures that also contain sensations of alienation and loss. With a relatively small number of works, ?How to make a world? is meant to engage the various and contradicting claims made on painting regarding beauty, artistic merit, and its relevance as a medium.


The driving principle of Williams?s MAEP exhibition will be to display the science and technology of vision. He creates fascinating sculptural installations that re-present digital and analog images and ?utilize photography as a technical and philosophical strategy.? Most recently, he has been interested in ocular phenomena such as the persistence of vision, linear perspective, and the stereoscopic illusion. Previous installations have included images that flash and appear stereoscopically with the aid of new and vintage machinery. He also utilizes formal elements, such as the symbolism of Americana and the history of photography, to create affinities between installation components.

Generous support for MAEP is provided by The McKnight Foundation and Jerome Foundation. Additional support provided by RBC Wealth Management.