More REEL Film Series

April 12-28, 2013

Minneapolis/St. Paul International Film Series

What could be more real than the simulations of reality in contemporary film? Illusion, special effects, "mockumentaries," and parafictions all have a long tradition in the history of cinema and are mined increasingly today in innovative and unexpected ways.

More REEL, a series of new films related to the themes of "More Real? Art in the Age of Truthiness," will be presented as part of the popular annual Minneapolis/St. Paul International Film Festival, April 12-28, 2013.

The series, curated by the festival and informed and illuminated by visiting film scholar and historian Bruce Jenkins, examines the creative use of artifice in film to blur the boundaries between truth and fiction. More REEL is presented by a partnership among the MSP International Film Festival, the MIA and Walker Art Center. For more information, see